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As a woodworking company only you know how important it is to present to your client a realistic 3D view of what that elevator lobby will look like, before and after.

The Renders below are a small sample of our work Employing,

AutoDesk Fusion 360.

We can turn around a 3d view of that 2d plan in 3days. Try it, email us at,

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Below is a progression of how the views were put together.
If you need an active view of the lobby below send inquire to

We will send you a password.

This will allow you to pan, rotate, sectional cut, and exploded views to review in real time with your client.

Installing the studded sheet rock wall below

First view of wall paneling installed

View with added vaulted ceiling.

Elevator baseboard and passive support and fabric panels installed.

Rendered by A360

Yes the doors actually work its closing

Its open

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